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Your smile is your confidence, and its true what they say...first impressions last the longest. We all want a more radiant and vibrant smile.

We have created the smiles of some well-known celebrities from Turkey and further afield, and our portfolio is expanding fast!

Our Smile Makeovers combine art and science. We pay special attention to our patients’ expectations, and make a point of looking at the smaller, and more intimate details. Some of our patients simply want to improve the colour of their teeth, while others aren’t happy with the shape and size of their teeth.

We use specialist software that involves detailed cosmetic imaging to create a lifelike mockup of the desired smile to meet your expectations and plans unique smile makeover based on your preferences.


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Where you like completely natural looking teeth or that perfect Hollywood Smile, you have the option of choosing exactly what’s right for you. We use the latest cutting-edge technology to design the perfect structure of your smile and will meet your needs and expectations.

Your first visit to us, just like all of our treatments will be a consultation, where we examine and take detailed images. Then we will send you on your way to enjoy the beautiful city of Antalya, while we prepare 3d models of your new smile. During your second visit, we will make some changes that you might want and discuss your plan with you. It is during this stage, we give you the autonomy in deciding what’s right for you and what isn’t. 


The Diamond Dental Smile Makeover is a combination of dental treatments to get to your desired aesthetic results. The whole process begins with identifying your personal needs and is a purely aesthetic procedure design to improve your smile. This doesn’t mean that we don’t look at areas that improvements maybe needed in terms of functionality. Our dentists will help you choose the best series of treatment for your teeth. During this period, we will hold in-depth consultation with you to help us prepare the best tailored plan for your smile makeover. We believe that this second discussion with you will allow you to take an informed and unbiased decision.

We fully understand that a Smile Makeover procedure is an extremely personal choice and we are available to help you achieve the subtle, or not-so-subtle changes that you desire.

If you just want to get rid of the stains on your teeth, you can opt to have scaling or whitening treatments. Scaling or whitening can result in stain-free brighter and more vibrant teeth.

Dental veneers are used when scaling and whitening isn’t effective. Veneers can also help you correct the shape of your teeth if they are chipped or broken.

Dental crowns are used when you want to cover the full structure of the teeth for functional and aesthetic purposes.

Dental implants are used if you have a painful tooth or the tooth is severely damaged. Dental implants are also used by patients who have a missing tooth.

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High Quality and Its Factors

A Diamond Dental Smile Makeover can only be performed using a systematic approach, and a great deal of dedication. The process starts with a detailed “fact-find” looking at your history, and performing detailed dental, intra-oral and extra-oral examinations. We will take intra and extra-oral images at various angles and distances. We then use these photos to learn how your teeth are positioned at rest, while sleeping and when smiling or laughing. For optimum results, we take a great amount of time and study in every case to ensure that you leave our clinic with your expectations matched, or exceeded!

Why the Diamond Dental Team?

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The Smile Makeover is probably our most popular procedure among our international patients. We provide a high quality service at extremely affordable prices. Our patients also benefit from our wealth of experience in performing cosmetic dentistry procedures. Our team is made up of expert multi-disciplinarian individuals of technicians, designers and dentists who are here to help you guide through the best treatments available to you for the best results. We never only focus on appearance because the health and functionality of your teeth is just as important. 

So if you’re thinking about how you can enhance your smile, talk to us today and we can guide you through your options to you.

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