Removable dentures that replace multiple teeth in both upper and lower portions of mouth

Natural looking teeth that can be removed at anytime.

Dentures are false removable teeth. They enable you to enjoy your favourite foods and have a healthy looking smile.

If you have some teeth missing in the upper and lower parts of your mouth, a partial denture can be fitted. But if all your teeth are missing, you will need a full denture.

During your Diamond Dental consultation, we will fully assess your existing teeth, mouth and jaw. We will take impressions and take measurements to send off to our lab where your dentures will be made.

Once your dentures are ready (typically within 2 weeks), we will arrange an appointment for you to fit your dentures and ensure you like their look and feel.

We will take you through all the aftercare tips, including the best way place to place your dentures while in your mouth.


Arrange a free, no-obligation partial dentures consultation at a date and time that suits you

How Dentures Work

Dentures are custom made. There’s no one-size-fits-all. Initially we will assess if any further teeth need to be removed, if so, this needs to be done first. Once the gums have fully healed from any tooth removal, we will use a special putty to take an impression of your mouth and take measurements of your mouth, jaw etc.

The putty impressions and measurements will then be sent off to the Diamond Dental Lab, where our technicians will create your dentures to your exact size and shape.

Once your dentures arrive at the clinic, we will arrange an appointment for you to have them fitted, and during this process make any adjustments if needed.

The benefits of dentures

  1. If you have missing teeth, dentures are the perfect solution to get back your smile
  2. Improve quality of life by making eating easier
  3. Improve your quality of speech
  4. Prevent further tooth decay
  5. Improve and correct your bite

Dentures FAQs

We take precise measurements of your jaw and teeth so your dentures fit perfectly without having to worry about any difficulties wearing them. The Diamond Dental Laboratory will make a detailed assessment using the latest state-of-the-art technology in producing your dentures.

You will notice some discomfort initially as your gums and jaw will need to get used to wearing false teeth. Once you get past this stage, we will carry out a further assessment and if necessary, make adjustments to ensure you remain as comfortable as possible wearing them.

Cleaning your dentures is as easy as cleaning your own teeth. We recommend you soak your dentures using cleaning tablets to remove any residual food particles.

Like the rest of your body, your gums and jaw change shape with age. Therefore, after 6 years, you will need to re-assess the situation and if necessary, get a new set of dentures made.


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