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Dental Crowns Turkey

Crowns can help restore your teeth and fill in gaps minimising further problems cause by decaying or damaged teeth.


A dental crown is a dental restoration treatment that caps or encircles a tooth. A crown maybe needed where a significant cavity threatens the health of a tooth. Fitting a crown involves shaving the problematic tooth down and fixing a prosthetic crown over the top resulting in a natural looking tooth. This treatment will involve two visits to Diamond Dental.

There are different types of crowns.


Metal crowns can be made from different types of metals (including gold). Metal crowns are extremely resilient. They can withstand chewing and biting forces and are considered among the longest lasting terms of wear down. Diamond Dental crowns are rarely known to chip or break. 


This is the best option in terms of aesthetics. The down side of porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns is that they are extremely wearing to the opposing teeth when compared to metal or resin crowns. The porcelain part of the crown can chip and eventually break off. If this happens, the underlying metal can show through as a dark line on the gum line. 

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How crowns work

Zirconium Crowns Turkey

Diamond Dental crowns require two visits to our clinic. Your first appointment, your dentist will prep and take an impression of the area. Contact us for Zirconium Crowns Turkey.

To fit a crown, your dentist will drill down the existing tooth leaving it looking like a peg. This is the area where you new crown sit over. We will then take an impression and send it to our technicians to create your new white teeth caps.

While waiting for your second appointment, we will provide you with a temporary crown to protect the prepped area.

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Benefits of Diamond Dental Crowns

Tooth Crown Before and After

The benefits of having a crown fitted include:

  • They are a highly effective way to repair and restore a damaged tooth
  • Crowns protect the tooth beneath
  • Hold together a broken and cracked tooth
  • Frontal crowns are very popular to improve the appearance of the tooth by adjusting colour and shape
  • Can restore original face shape

Dental Crowns FAQs

Tooth Crown Cost Turkey

Diamond Dental crowns can last 7 – 15 years. Crowns can be weakened by not maintaining adequate oral hygiene and onset of gum disease. Trauma can also affect the condition of your crowns and you should contact Diamond Dental immediately if this happens.

No. Crowns are usually fitted without root canal.

Diamond Dental crowns look completely natural.

A good quality procedure can take several weeks to complete. You will be given a temporary crown in the meantime. Quality work cannot be rushed, so it is vital to plan ahead.

We only use industry leading crowns for all patients.


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