Svetlana’s Dental Adventure in Antalya

Svetlana, originally from Ukraine, is a 70-year-old woman with a youthful spirit who loves traveling across Europe. Recently, she decided to combine a sunny vacation in Antalya with some much-needed dental care.

Compared to European clinics, the faster turnaround times, reasonable prices, and the opportunity to combine holiday and treatment made Antalya a perfect choice.

Choosing Our Clinic

Svetlana reached out to several dental clinics, but Diamond Dental Antalya stood out for its detailed information and expert team. She connected with our patient representative, Evgenia, through Facebook and decided to schedule her visit with us.

The First Visit: Diagnosis and Initial Treatment

In February 2024, Svetlana had her first appointment. On the first day, we conducted a comprehensive diagnosis, including tomography and X-rays. The following day, we placed 8 dental implants and fitted temporary teeth produced in our in-house lab immediately after the surgery. Thanks to the selected dental implant brand, the procedure was carried out smoothly without the need for bone grafting or sinus lifting.

Enjoying Antalya: Rest and Recovery

After the initial treatment, Svetlana spent the remaining days of her visit enjoying the beautiful sights of Antalya and relaxing by the Mediterranean coast. This downtime was crucial for her recovery and well-being, blending medical care with a refreshing holiday experience.

The Second Visit: Final Smile Design

In July 2024, Svetlana returned for her second visit. During this time, we created and fitted her permanent fixed prosthesis, completing her smile design. The results were outstanding, with her new teeth looking natural and stunning, as if they were her own.

Conclusion: A Perfect Smile

Now, Svetlana boasts a beautiful and natural-looking smile, thanks to the expert care she received at Diamond Dental Antalya. We are proud to have provided her with both top-notch dental treatment and an enjoyable experience in our beautiful city.

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