Meet Mr. Aydın and His Designed Smile!

At Diamond Dental Antalya, we are committed to transforming smiles and enhancing the quality of life for our patients. Today, we’d like to share the remarkable journey of Mr. Aydın, who came to us with advanced periodontal disease.

Initial Consultation and Diagnosis

Mr. Aydın had been experiencing significant dental issues. He noticed his teeth gradually becoming loose without any associated pain. His gums occasionally bled, and he suffered from persistent bad breath, which further affected his confidence and quality of life. Despite extracting 6-7 loose teeth previously, his dental health continued to deteriorate, prompting him to seek a permanent solution.

Upon his visit to our clinic, we conducted a thorough examination and discovered severe bone and gum tissue loss that was essential for supporting his teeth.

This condition led to significant infections, and many of his remaining teeth were loose and unstable. After careful consideration and consultation, we decided the best course of action was to extract all of Mr. Aydın’s teeth.

Tooth Extraction and Infection Treatment

On the same day, as shown in his X-ray, we proceeded with the extraction of all his teeth and thoroughly cleaned the infection. To restore his dental functionality and aesthetics, we placed 8 dental implants using the advanced All-on-4 Dental Implant System. This innovative approach allowed us to provide a stable foundation for his new teeth, significantly improving his oral health and overall well-being.

All-on-4 Dental Implant System: Temporary Fixed Teeth

Within 24 hours, we fitted Mr. Aydın with temporary fixed teeth. These temporary teeth ensured he could maintain normal oral functions and enjoy a confident smile during the healing period. For the next 8 weeks, Mr. Aydın used these temporary teeth while his implants fully integrated with the jawbone.

Designing the Perfect Smile: Permanent Teeth

After the healing period, we took new impressions to craft his permanent teeth. Taking into account Mr. Aydın’s preferences for color and style, we designed a customized smile that matched his desired aesthetics. Within a week, we completed the permanent teeth, finalizing his transformation

A Successful 9-Week Transformation

The entire treatment spanned 9 weeks, during which we ensured Mr. Aydın was never without teeth and felt comfortable and supported throughout the process.

The result was a beautifully restored smile that not only enhanced his appearance but also significantly improved his confidence and quality of life.

At Diamond Dental Antalya, we take immense pride in our work and the happiness of our patients.

Mr. Aydın’s journey is a testament to our dedication to providing top-quality dental care. We are thrilled to share his stunning new smile with you.

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