Restoring Dilara’s Dental Health and Confidence

Ms. Dilara visited our clinic due to long-standing dental issues. Since a young age, she had experienced decay in her front teeth. Unfortunately, due to a previous wrong doctor’s advice and her lack of awareness, she had ten porcelain teeth fitted.

These prosthetics did not fit well, leading to swollen gums, bad odor, and pain. Additionally, she had infections (abscesses) at the roots of her teeth, and her gums were painful to touch.

First, Ms. Dilara underwent a comprehensive examination. Our dentist assessed her current condition and developed an appropriate treatment plan.

As part of this plan, the old root canal treatments were redone, and the infections at the roots were cleaned out. Modern technologies and methods were used during these procedures to ensure Ms. Dilara’s comfort.

Next, gum contouring was performed to alleviate the swelling and infection in her gums. This procedure made her gums healthier and more aesthetically pleasing. The color of the prosthetic teeth was adjusted for harmony, and each tooth was individually worked on to achieve a natural appearance.

After completing all these procedures, Ms. Dilara’s teeth were both healthy and aesthetically perfect. By the end of her treatment, Ms. Dilara could feel the relief and beauty in her smile. She left our clinic with satisfaction and scheduled regular follow-up appointments.


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