Mrs. Necla’s Path to a Perfect Smile

Mrs. Necla, a 75-year-old patient, was kind and full of life. She was born and raised in Germany but moved to Turkey to spend the rest of her life. Her face reflected the wisdom and compassion gained over the years. However, when she was told that the medications she used for osteoporosis could cause problems in dental treatment, she felt a sense of concern.

The bisphosphonate medications she was taking for osteoporosis interfered with the bone healing process, making us hesitant about dental implants. Particularly, intravenous (IV) bisphosphonate use was highly risky for implant treatment, but Mrs. Necla was using bisphosphonates in tablet form. This was a small but significant glimmer of hope for us.

For two years, Mrs. Necla came to our clinic regularly, each time showing her test results with an expression filled with hope and uncertainty. Each appointment was a wait for the next step, a glimmer of hope. We were still uncertain. Our dentist made a suggestion to Mrs. Necla: “Let’s place one dental implant, and if it is successful, we can proceed with the other seven.”

A sparkle appeared in Mrs. Necla’s eyes. We explained the potential complications that the medications could cause in detail, but this did not diminish Mrs. Necla’s determination for the treatment. On the contrary, her trust in us and her determination increased even more.

After placing the first dental implant, Mrs. Necla came to each control appointment over the next four months with an expression full of hope and patience. At the end of the four months, when we saw that there were no issues, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Mrs. Necla’s eyes sparkled with joy. Consequently, we decided to proceed with the remaining seven dental implants.

Each stage of the process was made a bit easier by Mrs. Necla’s determination and positive attitude. Three months later, we placed a total of 28 natural zirconium crowns. Seeing the happiness on Mrs. Necla’s face when she looked at her reflection in the mirror was an indescribable joy for us.

Mrs. Necla’s age and the use of osteoporosis medication initially caused us concern. However, through mutual trust and patience, we successfully managed this process. The collaboration between Mrs. Necla and our dentist was truly a success story. As a result, Mrs. Necla achieved a perfect smile, and we felt the pride of witnessing her happiness throughout this journey.


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