What is Smile Design and How is it Done?

Even the simulation of an emotion tends to evoke that emotion in our minds. Smile design is defined as the process of creating an aesthetic smile based on scientific and artistic guidelines established through accepted studies, perceptions, cultural and racial standards over time. It is a dynamic field where facial aesthetics, lip dynamics, gum and dental aesthetics and personality are taken into consideration and there are constantly developing trends.

Traditional smile design focuses on the orodental rest. In modern smile design, it is necessary to understand the entire patient comprehensively in order to design the smile. When it comes to smile design, the main thing is subjectivity.

A purely scientific smile is generic, symmetrical and looks fake. Applying the same smile to every patient using the same dental library and gum aesthetics will produce non-aesthetic results. According to the guidelines outlined later, no two smiles are the same and each smile should have its own identity. In the age of social media, it has become popular for dentists to display artificial smiles. What makes a beautiful smile different is the integration of organic rules into traditional methods.

Although the term ideal smile is used in the literature, it can be argued that no smile is ideal and “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” No smile design can be 100% successful without the patient’s comprehensive participation. Therefore, the first step in smile design is patient communication. In the digital age of dentistry, there are various applications and software that will make it easier to discuss with patients and understand expectations and possibilities.

Three types of smiles have been shown in the literature: the common smile (Mona Lisa smile), the social smile (strong smile) and the spontaneous smile (complex smile). Smile design should be made on the patient’s spontaneous smile as it reflects real emotions.

We will talk about these stages in our other blog post. Smile Like A Diamond…


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