About Root Canal Treatment in a Single Session

Root Canal Treatment in a Single Session

Can root canal treatment be completed in a single session?

Root canal treatment is a procedure that involves the removal of the pulp tissue, nerves, and debris from within the tooth, followed by cleaning, shaping, and filling of the root canal system.

There are several reasons why this treatment may be necessary, such as when microorganisms from tooth decay infect the pulp tissue or when the tooth experiences trauma and loses its vitality. The treatment can be completed in one or multiple sessions.

In cases where the treatment is not completed in the first session, a medicament is placed inside the root canals, and the tooth is temporarily restored until the next appointment. During the second session, the temporary restoration is removed, and the root canal treatment is completed with further cleaning and shaping.

What are the conditions under which root canal treatment can be completed in a single session?

Patients often perceive root canal treatment as a lengthy process. However, advancements in rotary instrument systems, electronic apex locators, the use of rubber dam isolation, and improved magnification and lighting conditions allow dentists to comfortably complete root canal treatment in a single session.

All conditions where the canals can be adequately cleaned, and a dry environment without any infection can be achieved are suitable for completing the treatment in one session. However, advanced infection, swelling inside or outside the mouth, or the presence of a fistula may require multiple sessions.

What are the advantages of single-session root canal treatment?

There is no need for the patient to return to the clinic, anesthesia is administered only once, there is no risk of temporary restoration breaking or leaking between sessions, it is less stressful for anxious patients, and there is no risk of pain recurring between sessions.

Is there pain after single-session root canal treatment?

Pain after root canal treatment is a possibility regardless of the number of sessions and generally diminishes within the first 48 hours. Studies have shown that there is no significant difference in the occurrence of post-treatment pain between single and multiple sessions.

In summary, the notion that root canal treatment can only be performed in multiple sessions is incorrect. Thanks to current technological advancements, root canal treatment can be completed without the need for an additional appointment in suitable cases.

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