Diamond Dental Antalya Statement

In response to the recent news reports about “Turkey Teeth”, citing this BBC News article in particular we would like to state the following;

While there is no doubt that some patients from the UK have experienced serious problems after having their teeth done in Turkey, this is not the whole picture. Over the past 5 – 10 years, hundreds of thousands of people have been flocking to Turkey for cosmetic surgery procedures. One of the reasons why there has been such a massive influx of foreigners flocking to Turkey for medical procedures is no doubt cost. The costs of these types of procedures in Turkey are fractional of what they are in Europe, and in the UK in particular.

Putting cost to one side for a second, the standard of medical procedures carried out by Turkish physicians is very high. If you analyse the number of procedures performed on foreign patients by Turkish physicians and compare these to the number of complications, the figures are nominal.

Medical procedures can go wrong at any time, regardless of which country you’re in. For instance in the UK, prisoners have been awarded £7 million compensation after serious medical negligence.

This doesn’t mean that the whole of the NHS is negligent. Moreover, medical negligence claims are a rapidly growing sector and solicitors are having a field day! Why do you think this is? The sad reality is that medical negligence does exist, EVERYWHERE!

Likewise, not all dentists in Turkey are responsible for the few bad eggs that do exist.

Unfortunately, standards have been dropping in some clinics in the last few years due the influx of patients and the long hours staff are having to work. Fatigue leads to mistakes (as is the case with NHS staff, just ask a random nurse!), and in the end the patient pays the price. 

This is not an attempt to excuse medical negligence. The clinics that are dropping their standards and treat their patients as if they are coming in on a conveyor-belt should be named and shamed! 

Whilst these bad eggs do exist, most of the dental clinics in Turkey are professional, diligent and keep the patient’s well-being their top priority. 

We know this because we are in the business. Our senior dentists have been treating overseas patients for more than 10 years, and during that time, we have never had any complaints about serious issues resulting from our clinic treating a patient. 

If you are considering dental treatment in Turkey, there are a few things you should consider.  The first and most obvious is to find out if the clinic has any certificates, accreditations and what are their areas of expertise. Some clinics in Turkey have internationally recognised certificates like ISO 9001 (hygiene and technological requirements).

You should ask to see the clinic’s before and after portfolio. And be sure to check if the clinic has reviews. Take on board what existing patients are saying.  

Hopefully this statement will put things into perspective for you if you are considering dental treatment in Turkey. Yes, there are a few bad players in the business, but most clinics work to international standards. It’s unfair to tarnish the whole Turkish dental sector with the same brush.

If you carry out your due diligence and ask the right questions, your dental treatment in Turkey will be carried out at the same standards you would expect in the United Kingdom, but at the fraction of the price.

Diamond Dental Antalya


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